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Hotel Cancellation Guide

Is it safe to sell a hotel reservation?

Yes! Roomer works hard to make sure selling hotel reservations is safe and easy for both buyers and sellers. As part of this effort, we protect your personal information at all costs and we guarantee that, with the exception of fraudulent actions, you will receive the money from your sale safely and quickly.

We protect your personal information.

  • The confirmation email that you send us while selling your hotel reservation is seen only by us. We use this email only to validate your listing -- nothing more.

  • We will never make this email, or any other personal information, public on our website or elsewhere. We do not save your confirmation email or any other information once the listing has been sold or expired.

We guarantee that you’ll get your payment.

  • Payment will be available to be transferred to you 10 days after the buyer checks out.

  • In the event that your buyer does not check-in to the hotel, you will still get paid.

  • Fraudulent behavior is not tolerated by Roomer. If fraud is determined, the seller will not be paid for a sold hotel room.

Learn more about Trust and safety on Roomer.