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Buyer Protection

Our Buyer Protection Policy is in place to ensure the safety and security of each and every person who books a hotel reservation with Roomer. Whether you’re near or far, Roomer is always here for you.
Buyer shield

We guarantee protection in the event
that something goes wrong

With every reservation that you book, Roomer promises to be by and on your side
no matter where you are or what time of day.

Emergency Hotline

An emergency phone number is included in every confirmation email. Call this number immediately in the unlikely event that something went wrong.

Members of the Emergency Hotline Team work around the clock to ensure that any and all problems are solved in a timely and responsible manner.


Plan B Protection

In the event that the hotel does not have your reservation on file or there is a problem in the name transfer process, Plan B Protection will be provided.

Plan B is an alternative to your original booking in which Roomer will offer you a new hotel room at either the same hotel or a similar hotel in price, location and ranking.


Full Refund Guarantee

Roomer's support agents will do whatever they can in order to resolve any and all problems that you may have.

In the event that the problem cannot be fixed promptly and effectively, you are entitled to a full refund of your booking.

How does Roomer verify the authenticity of the seller’s reservation?
Roomer has developed an advanced technology that is able to identify and confirm or deny the authenticity of any reservation that is listed on our marketplace. Thanks to this technology, we are able to say with 100% confidence that each and every reservation that you see on our marketplace is indeed authentic and valid.
Can I cancel the reservation after I’ve booked it?
After you have booked a hotel room on Roomer, you may only cancel your reservation directly through the hotel. Note that you will probably have to pay cancellation fees according the hotel’s cancellation policy.
How does Roomer secure my payment?
Roomer uses the most advanced technologies to secure your payments and protect your information. We never store your credit card information. Also, each and every transaction is authorized and processed by PayPal—the safest and most secure online payment system in the world. Moreover, we use multiple methods to protect every transaction from fraud and we have a strict policy of only accepting payments that are 100% verified.
Should I check with the hotel that the name on the reservation has been changed?
There’s no need. Once you book your room with Roomer, we take care of everything, including double checking with the hotel to make sure that your reservation is set and ready to go. As soon as we’ve confirmed your reservation with the hotel, we will send you a reservation confirmation with your name on it.
When will my payment be delivered to the seller?
Your payment will be delivered to the seller 10 days after your check out date.
Will my payment be delivered to the seller in the event that something goes wrong with my reservation?
No. Part of the reason that Roomer only delivers payment to seller 10 days after the date of check out is to ensure that there were no problems with the reservation. Moreover, our Fraud Department works vigilantly to make sure that no one is using Roomer’s service for the purpose of committing fraud. As such, only once each transaction has been cleared with our Fraud Department do we transfer payment to sellers.