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Hotel Cancellation Guide

Hotel Cancellation Guide

hotel cancellation chart
Sometimes trips
get cancelled
Unused hotel room =
money in the trash
Get that money back
by selling your room
Everything you needed to know about how to cancel a hotel reservation, hotel cancellation policies, and selling a hotel reservation.

Welcome to Roomer’s guide to hotel room cancellations. We know that cancelling your trip is never fun, but if you must cancel, you may find yourself with a hotel reservation you can't use anymore. Trying to cancel a hotel reservation can be stressful and confusing, as cancellation policies differ between different hotels and hotel agencies.

Thus, we’re here to save you some time, money and frustration by providing all the necessary information on how to cancel (or sell!) your hotel reservation. In this comprehensive cancel hotel reservation guide, you will find everything that you could possibly want to know, plus a little more.

In this guide, you will learn about different hotel reservation cancellation policies, as well as the fees that are often associated with cancellation. You'll also discover an alternative you may prefer: selling your reservation with Roomer! You will learn that selling your room is completely safe, and beneficial for a variety of reasons.

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