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Hotel Cancellation Guide

Benefits of Selling Your Room with Roomer

Understand when and why selling your hotel reservation is the best choice.

There are plenty of great reasons to sell your hotel reservation on Roomer; many of these should apply to you when stuck with a nonrefundable hotel reservation.


  • Selling your hotel reservation gives you a way out of a sticky financial situation. Hotel reservations can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, which can present a hefty setback if you can't get a refund of any kind.

  • With Roomer, you can recover some of your losses from a nonrefundable hotel reservation that you can’t use anymore. Instead of having to cancel your hotel reservation and coming away with nothing, when you sell your reservation you can significantly reduce the amount of money lost.

  • Additionally, when you post your room, you allow another person to buy a hotel reservation at a terrific discount -- a win-win for you and a lucky stranger!


  • Selling your reservation on Roomer is easy and takes only a few minutes.

  • Once your room is posted, we take care of everything, including contacting the hotel, transferring the money from the buyer, and changing the name on the reservation.

  • Trying to sell or cancel a hotel reservation can be a hassle if done alone; Roomer takes that chore away from you, in addition to reclaiming some of the money lost in originally purchasing the room.


  • Security for both buyers and sellers is a top priority for us. Cancellation of hotel reservations can be stressful and uncertain, but at Roomer we do everything to alleviate those concerns.

  • Buyers can book hotel reservations with confidence, knowing that it was validated and approved by our reservations team. Additionally, with Roomer's new insurance policy, you can cancel your reservation and recuperate some of your losses.

  • Sellers can also feel secure, knowing that Roomer will not book a hotel reservation unless all details regarding payments are confirmed.

If plans have suddenly changed and hotels aren’t offering a refund, that’s when it's most
beneficial to sell hotel rooms. See our tips and best practices for how to sell your hotel room.