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Roomer Success Stories

What users have to say about us

Atlanta, GA
I decided to try Roomer to sell my nonrefundable hotel reservation as I suddenly found myself unable to use it due to unforeseen circumstances. Posting my room was quick and easy and I was so relieved when someone bought my reservation.
Casablanca Hotel
New York, NY
Portland, OR
I never thought that I would book a hotel room from another person. I got an amazing discount on my room and using Roomer was a wonderful experience. I'm already planning on booking my next trip with Roomer.
Toronto, Canada
I had a very positive experience with Roomer Travel. They were friendly, patient and very accommodating. My hotel in NYC was right in Times Square and walking distance to the main attractions. I can't wait to plan my next trip so that I can use this affordable website again!
London, UK
I decided to give Roomer a try for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I'm so happy that I did because using Roomer to sell my reservation saved me a lot of money!
Denver, CO
Thank goodness for Roomer! Instead of letting my hotel room, let alone my money, go to waste, I was able to sell the reservation to someone else. What a wonderful service!
Vancouver Island, Canada
I was left in a position where I was unable to fulfill one of my dreams to go to New York City. I searched the internet and found Roomer. The day before the listing was to expire they sold my room! Thank you Roomer.
Boston, MA
I was desperate to find someone to take my hotel room after a change in travel plans. I found Roomer and sold my room within 24 hours for a price I was comfortable with.
Houston, TX
Thank you so much. I am going to be singing the praises of Roomer Travel and their excellent customer service representatives! And you can count on me as a repeat customer.
San Francisco, CA
My husband broke his leg right before our trip. He was in no condition to travel but we'd already paid for the hotel room. I'm so happy I found Roomer! We were able to sell our reservation to someone else and we couldn't be more relieved.
Quebec, Canada
Stay happy, stay with Roomer. Roomer makes it easy for me to stay in the best places, and saves me money every time!
I used Roomer for a nice weekend in Philadelphia, got us a great deal on an awesome hotel room. Roomer's customer support are always there if we have questions, it makes a big difference!
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