France is notorious for being one of the most romantic places on Earth, and although that might be true, travelers can still have a tough time deciding how to create a romantic getaway out of their Parisian holiday. Sure, there are the typical sites such as the The Louvre and The Arc de Triomphe, but if you really want to knock your lover’s socks off try following our guide to Paris for three ultra romantic days in The City of Light.

Start Before You Leave

The biggest romance killer is a bad hotel. Before you embark on your journey to ecstasy, make sure to book a romantic hotel that has the right atmosphere for what you have in mind. After all, you only have three days to woo your lover and reconnect. Try to steer clear of ‘family-friendly’ hotels that remind you of the kids or have the potential to quickly turn a romantic dinner for two in a first-floor restaurant into a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. If you must stay in a hotel with children, try to opt for more expensive rooms, which are usually found on higher floors for less noise and fewer juvenile neighbors.

Day 1: From Vine to Divine

You may spend all day out on a tour, but if you’re in France, you’re in the most famous wine country in the world. Tour groups like Wine Day Tours take relatively small groups out to Burgundy and the Loire Valley for tasting some delicious wines, having a typical French lunch (with its umpteen courses), and a cheese tasting at a crockery.

This guide to Paris recommends taking a wine tour to Burgundy

A vineyard in Burgundy

After a day out in the vineyards and on the road, why not stop by the Eiffel Tower. The best time to see it is at night when it twinkles in the dark sky, and if you purchased a bottle of vino while on your tour, pop it when you get back to your room to put the cherry on top of a perfect evening.

No guide to paris would be complete with the recommendation to view the Eiffel Tower at nigh

The ultimate romantic view of the Eiffel Tower


Day 2: Be a Tourist

Because it is Paris, and some visitors may be stopping in for a few days while their cruise ships are in the port, you owe it to yourselves to be tourists. Simply try to put an emphasis on seeing the sights and participating in the activities that make it a romantic adventure rather than an Art History lesson.

Although a portion of the bridge collapsed under the weight of so many love locks, the Pont des Arts is still quite an attractive destination for lovers. Unfortunately, placing a lock on the bridge has been highly frowned upon in recent years since the weight of so many has been such a tax on the historic walking bridge. As of now, the city has been removing the bridge’s railings, locks and all and replacing the panels with wooden boards designed by local graffiti artists. After the summer, permanent plexiglass panels will be installed.  However, they still urge lovers to visit this tres romantique place on the Seine and take a photo with a loved one instead of adding a lock to the already temperamental bridge.

Pont des Arts with the locks and now - a must see in the guide to Paris

Pont des Arts with the locks and now

If the two of you are on the adventurous side, go for a Paris Charms & Secrets tour. You can book a bike tour through the streets of Paris that lasts four hours and takes visitors to the most well-known sites as well as small and hidden parts of the city that hold their own special significance. The tour can be done on normal bicycles or e-bikes, so no need to worry about becoming exhausted half way through the tour. An insider’s perspective of the city really gives the tour the French flavor your romantic getaway needs, and you may make a few new memories while traversing the cobblestone streets on the Ile-de-France.

If you’ve worked up an appetite, make your way to a classic French cafe or bistro with outdoor seating on the street. L’Artiste is an excellent example of one of these French cafes but with a modern twist and trendy diner-like design. The food is to-die-for, and it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day on the Parisian streets. The meat and cheese dishes will melt in your mouth, but if you’re in a more American mood, they have burgers and fries as well. Save room for dessert – it’s a must here.

L'Artiste is in the guide to paris

A few of the tasty bites at L’Artiste


Day 3: Bid Paris Au Revoir in Style

A little retail therapy is in order before you leave town. The last day of your trip should be when you take on the shopping circuit Paris has to offer. While there are a number of streets to take on, you can also look at a shopping center like Galeries Lafayette. They’ve taken all of the biggest and most well-known brand name stores and put them under one opulent roof, so you can spend more time perusing the shops for souvenirs and a few gifts as opposed to traveling between stores in the streets.

Now that you’ve been to all of the major places, enjoyed some relaxed moments along the Seine, and experienced a bike tour, why not go for a nice meal together with delectable French cuisine? An intimate and gourmet venue, Restaurant Mariette is one of the smaller romantic eateries in Paris, but it serves some of the most luxurious dishes (think: foie gras) under low lights for a wonderful time out with a loved one before leaving the city.

Enjoy a delicious meal at Mariette Photo Credit: RPSKK Photography

Enjoy a delicious meal at Mariette Photo Credit: RPSKK Photography


If you and your partner are real foodies and you want to taste even more of Paris, make sure you read our post Eating Your Way Through Paris for a Day. Bon voyage!

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