Branching out after high school and college is a very popular thing to do, and travel is definitely one activity that ranks high on the priority list for young adults under 25. What better time, anyway? This is a wonderful period of your life when you can take extra time off from work without consequence and spend a little more loosely. If you are 25 and under and don’t have children, there are a lot of things you can do that young parents wouldn’t be able to while on vacation.

So, what are the top 5 places to see before you turn 25? What makes one place special compared to all the others? We’ve gathered up our list of must-sees. Read on to check out each of these happening destinations.

Cancun, Mexico

Known for its raging Spring Break bashes, Cancun is a hot spot for American college kids and celebrities looking to let their hair down and party hard. The gorgeous beaches are dotted with a ton of adults-only, all-inclusive hotels that keep children’s eyes from witnessing the mayhem firsthand.

During the day, one can take a trip to the Mayan Ruins or lounge poolside with great music and a delicious tropical cocktail in hand. With no legal drinking age actually enforced in Mexico, those under the age of 21 can have a few at the local bars, cantinas, foam parties, booze cruises and pretty much any other establishment in town.

Cancun is one of the places to see before you turn 25

Party hard in Cancun at suds-filled foam bash

Bangkok, Thailand

If your main objective is to have a life-changing experience while seeing the world, Bangkok, Thailand is an outstanding choice for a holiday spot. The nightlife is extremely fast-paced with live adult entertainment, special novelty drinks like snake blood, and there are a large list of daytime excursions you can take to different areas of this picturesque nation in the Indian Ocean.

Bangkok is one of the places to see before you turn 25

Enjoy some culture and fun in Bangkok


Sydney, Australia

Being a mecca for extreme sports day-trips, Sydney is a great option for those who want to check a few things like skydiving or bungee jumping off of their bucket list early. You can even take a ride into the outback or check out the amazing wildlife at the Taronga Zoo, which houses thousands of the most impressive animals. At night, the Sydney skyline is the perfect place for a selfie too.

Skydiving in Sydney Photo Credit: marlen.w

Skydiving in Sydney Photo Credit: marlen.w


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Although going to Rio de Janeiro is most exciting during Carnival, you can still have a ton of fun relaxing on a stretch of sand by day and dancing in the streets at one of the many impromptu block party in one of the safer favelas where hostels are sometimes found. The mere advent of staying in one of the overcrowded yet festive hostels is an experience in and of itself, but you can also book excursions out into the jungle, or branch off to visit other cities that are closer to the Amazon River, one of the most notorious waterways in the world.

Rio is one of the places to see before 25

Enjoy Rio’s spectacular beaches


Prague, Czech Republic

Tour centuries-old buildings, cathedrals, and museums during the days and let loose at night in some of the hottest European nightclubs around. This Eastern European nation is also known for its absinthe, which is illegal in North America, sometimes very pricey, and a definite rite of passage for the young adult backpacking through Europe. In addition, Prague has a very devout following of beer enthusiasts, so you can book beer tours that take you to many establishments and breweries while you sample the Czech Republic’s finest suds, a point of pride for this interesting nation. Let’s not forget how proximal each nation in Europe is to the next, making Prague a great stop on a long list of destinations.

After a night of partying, check out one of Prague's spectacular sunrises

After a night of partying, check out one of Prague’s spectacular sunrises

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