If you travel frequently for business, you ought to know the best ways to save money, make life simple, and avoid unnecessary complication. There are many ways to take advantage of deals and benefits you already have at your disposal, and a few clever ways to “hack” your way through life and have more time for leisure traveling in between all that talk of business. Here are some tips that have really helped us.

Get a corporate credit card

It may seem obvious, but many small business owners and freelancers just use their regular credit cards when traveling. Since you’re traveling for work in the first place, this is a must! They always have benefits attached to them, and on that subject, always check to see what benefits are on the card. Many credit card companies let you accrue points on your card and save money on your own personal account. There are oftentimes perks that regular cardholders get, in addition to corporate accounts, like discounted car rentals, free flight upgrades, access to special VIP lounges and so on. See this detailed review by travel expert The Points Guy.


travel hacks for business include getting a corporate credit card

Save money on your hotel.

Business meetings often come up quickly and sometimes get canceled at the last minute. For huge corporations, dealing with the costs of canceling a nonrefundable hotel room or incurring higher costs because of the last minute booking is no big deal. But, for those wanting to skip these extra fees, check Roomer for a hotel room first; someone else may be selling their room at a huge discount because his own meeting was canceled. Alternatively, if you end up stuck with a postponed meeting and a nonrefundable hotel room, sell it on Roomer to a fellow traveler instead of losing your money.


travel hack: book your hotel from Roomer to save money


Handle the booking or get a friend to do it.

If you handle the booking for your company you have the right to compensate yourself in terms of rewards and points, since they will most likely not be using them. If you don’t have this privilege, you can talk to the person in the office that does the booking and make friends to get a pretty good deal.


Bring your own beverages.

Yes, that’s right—beverages. There are no restrictions on the types of drinks you can carry onto a plane, meaning you don’t have to just drink airline wine. You can mix your own drink so as long as it’s under the ounce requirements set by the airline company, traditionally about 3.4 ounces. You can also bring an empty water bottle and fill it up at airport water fountains so that you don’t spend a ridiculous $5 on a bottle of water.


a travel hack is to bring an empty water bottle



It’s never OK to arrive late to work, but when you’re traveling for business you can arrive late to the hotel, no problem. If you did book your hotel with Roomer, all you need to do is let Roomer know that you want a late check-in and they will take care of notifying the hotel for you. And sometimes when you do, you can get a hotel upgrade for free. It doesn’t hurt to make nice with the check-in clerk and make him or her feel sorry for you, sometimes they’ll feel generous and give you a free upgrade. Don’t ask, just tell your story and see what happens.


Always take up the airlines on its offer.

Did you know that you can get special deals when airlines offer a “match” of their competitors’ prices? If you get elite status on one airline, you can do a status match on the others and perhaps get a better deal for taking their offer. You can earn extra points, especially with new airline companies that come and offer promotions. When you are looking for the best time to buy your flight or see what prices other airlines are offering, make sure to check Hopper.

a business travel hack is to take what's offered by the airline


These are sure-fire ways to save money and more importantly have a more enjoyable time on your business trip. It worked for us and it can work for you too—just pay attention to opportunities and spend a little extra time researching the contracts and websites. Not all of these offers are promoted in an obvious way, but follow these travel hacks and you’ll find plenty of ways to save and still have a great time traveling with the added perks. Interested in more travel hacks and tips to make sure you get your trip started right? Check out this article.

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