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Travel Hacks for the Airport

Trusted Traveler Programs

Each of these programs is designed to speed up travel at borders and security checks. Typically, individuals complete an online application, pay a fee and arrange an interview to qualify as a predetermined low-risk Canadian or US citizen. Once you get your handy card, you are the envy of travelers stuck in long cues, especially during high peak travel times. Not sure which program works for you, see the comparison chart. 

  • TSA PreCheck program means there is no need to remove shoes, coats, belts and laptops.
  • Global Entry program is designed for arrival into the U.S. from anywhere.  It expedites clearance into the United States. Typically, if you have Global Entry pass, you automatically qualify for TSA PreCheck.
  • Nexus and SENTRI programs applies to Mexico, Canada and US border crossings.

Know Your US Department of Transportation (DOT) Flight Rights

Thrillist put together a bunch of secrets the airlines don’t want you to know.   If you book directly on the airline’s website, you can cancel within 24 hours at no charge, even if you did not purchase insurance. If you purchased a non-stop flight and it becomes a connecting flight, you can get a full refund even if it is non-refundable fare.

Adjust your watch or phone for time differences

As soon you enter the plane, get into the habit of adjusting for time zone differences. While it may not eliminate jet lag, it does help adjust better.

One travel hack is to adjust your watch to the new time zone


Water Bottles

Ever feel extra thirsty at airports? If you don’t want to pay the high prices for airport water, bring a water bottle. Most airports have water fountains throughout the waiting areas. Being in control of your own water means you don’t have to wait for the seat belt sign to turn off to quench your thirst, have water handy for any medications you need to take, or you have water to gulp down as you try to pop your ears.

Red Eye Flights

Unless you plan to waste the entire day catching up on your sleep, red eye flights are not worth the price savings. If you have no choice and must fly in the middle of the night, bring a sleep mask and a neck pillow. Forget about the sought after aisle seat. Go for the window seat to lean your head. Bring earphones to listen to nature sounds or something that will help you relax and fall asleep.


If you are a picky eater, or have dietary restrictions, relying on purchasing a snack on the airplane may be disappointing, especially when they run out of veggies or hummus and crackers. The best snacks to bring are Kind Bars or Lara Bars. They are loaded with everything you need to keep you going for a few hours.  Unsalted nuts and dried fruits are also great for snaking.

Great Apps


This app was first designed for the business traveler and gives travelers a packing list tool to remember the big and little things. It is now integrated with TripIt, the app that keeps track of all of your travel plans. The cool thing about TripList is that it accommodates for forgotten items or suggests what to bring for a road trip, a conference or a vacation.

Airline Seat Maps

There is nothing worse than a long flight with a bad seat selection. Narrow leg room, the seat doesn’t recline, and limited to no amenities all contribute to bad seat selection. Skytrax , Seatexpert, and Seatmaestro, help you make the right choice.

A travel hack is to choose a seat by the window so you can sleeo

A smart traveler is usually prepared for the unexpected and able to roll with the punches. They travel light and take advantage of charging stations so they are not caught with low battery. They make the best use of their time during flight delays with work, books and calls.  Smart travelers are known to favor one or two airlines for their service and amenities.

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