Do you feel like the person in the picture? Does it take you the same amount of time to pack as it does to zip up your suitcase? If yes, then these packing tips are for you.

Today, airline carriers charge the customer baggage fees for checked-in luggage, (as high as $100 per piece of luggage, each way). It’s a money grabber, see the Ultimate Guide to airline fees. What’s up with that? Who enjoys waiting for their bag to appear (or disappear) at the luggage turnstile? Having a toolbox of travel packing techniques gives you the option to use a carry-on, travel light and get to your destination fast.

To Bundle or Roll

People who pack using the bundle wrap method or roll pack method stay true to their packing choice.

Rolling Your Clothes

The rolling method gets more packing space and reduces wrinkles. The secret – tight rolling. Roll everything – pants, skirts, dresses and shirts. Rolling clothes is thought to originate as an army packing hack. Rollers believe that folding causes creases. Learn how to roll your clothes from travel expert, Leslie Willmott in her video – How to Roll Clothing for Packing: Smart Packing & Travel Tips, presented below. Rolling packing techniques can work with structured suitcases, backpacks and duffle bags.


Bundle Method

Watch Jon Holloway’s video below on how to “Pack For Weeks in A Carry-On”. The video shows him neatly bundling 16 pieces of clothing into a carry-on for an entire month – 60 different outfit combinations. For women, he recommends starting with shoes, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses and shirts at the top. For men, he recommends starting with pants first then shirts. Bundling takes a little more effort and creates less wrinkles than rolling. The technique applies little tension for crease creation and works best in structured suitcases.

Buy the Right Suitcase

It seems that suitcases are always on sale when you don’t need one? Most suitcases have decent warranties and last a long time. Spending the extra money is worth it.
Wirecutter, did a competition of carry-on travel bags and ranked Travelpro Luggage Platinum Magna 22 Inch Expandable Rollaboard Suiter as the carry-on luggage of choice. Always check airline carry-on rules before making your carry-on purchase. In the U.S., carry-on bags should be under 45 linear inches.

Smart Luggage:

Bluesmart suitcase frontal Full Body

The team at Bluesmart re imagined how a suitcase for this century should look like and created the world’s first smart connected carry-on suitcase you control from your phone. Among the cool high tech features, it includes a supercharge built-in battery, location and trip tracking information, an app that shows your carry-on weight and it has an automatic locking feature, in the event your bag separates from you.

Pack It, Roll It and Go

The SKYROLL suitcase was created on the concept of rolling and designed to roll up your suits and leaves no wrinkles.

skyroll travel image

Wrinkle-free wear

If you really don’t want to look like you are living out of a bag and want to prevent wrinkles – go for wrinkle free wear. Wrinkle free materials include; Nylon, Lycra and Polyester.

Wrinkle Releaser

Who wants to carry a travel iron when Downy makes a travel size (3 oz) wrinkle releaser? Just spray and smooth, and viola, no more wrinkles. Plus, you can’t beat the $1.97 price.


There is a 3 pair of shoes rule and this includes the ones you wear. Pack shoes first and cover the sole with a shower cap. If you are short of space, fill your shoes with socks.

Men’s Dress Shirt

If you are the folding type, ask your dry cleaners to “fold your shirts” versus “ hanging “ them and coil a belt inside your shirt.

No More Shampoo Spills: Putting a piece of plastic under the bottle cap, prevents spillage.

Do you know of a cool packing technique or a gem of a packing technique shared from a family tradition? Share with us, we are always interested in learning new ways to make packing easier.

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