Paris’s iconic Eiffel Tower.

Sure, you’ve had croissants in New York, macarons in San Francisco, or crepes in Chicago, but nobody does French food quite like the French.

We kept all globe-trotting foodies in mind when we created this basic guide to Parisian cuisine. Though keep in mind that this is just your starter-kit–Paris has more good food to eat than we could fit in a single blog post. Bon appetit!

For Breakfast, gorge yourself on a Croque Madame

A croque madame is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg on top.

For a mid-morning snack, nibble on some Macarons

The macaron is a meringue-based confection that comes in all sorts of flavors (and colors!). So even if you’re not keen on desserts, they’re still worth a photo shoot.

For lunch, chow down on Savory Crepes

A crepe is a common (and cheap!) French street food that you can fill with whatever combination of ingredients on the menu, either savory or sweet. So you can get one for dessert too ;)

For an afternoon snack, nosh on Fromage (Cheese)

France is well-known for its cheeses. Experience it to the fullest: buy a full wheel and chow down. Just kidding… you should be fine with a miniature one.

For dinner, dine on Steak Frites

This French version of steak and fries is usually cooked on the rare end of the spectrum.

For dessert, devour Creme Brulee

Is your mouth watering yet? Head to Paris and satisfy your cravings :)

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